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I can’t say enough about the patience and professionalism of Dale Looney. He took numerous calls from both of us answering our questions and helping us make the decision without pressuring us in any way. This is one of those investments that a homeowner chooses to make, but not having to deal with a high sales pitch. The product speaks for itself. 

-Carol Andrews (Read Full Testimonial)

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Home Energy Audits

I am an Energy Audit specialist trained to determine what is causing your energy bills to be so high and I will show you how to maximize your energy savings.

The first step in your upgrade process is to get an energy audit. The energy audit we provide focuses on four critical areas.

Area 1 - Consumer Basic

As part of your audit will go over energy saving habits and things you can do to save energy. This covers most of the basic information you would find available on the web and in energy saving books. As part of my Energy Audit I will go over most of these items with you and give you some documentation on what really works. The average home owner that adheres to our recommendations can reduce their electric bills by 30%.

Area 2 - Air Infiltration

The second area is identifying how unconditioned air is leaking into your home. Air infiltration can account for 30% - 40% of your heating and cooling bills so this is a very important part of your inspection. Air leakage, or infiltration, occurs when outside air enters a house through cracks and openings. This air leakage wastes energy and makes your home uncomfortable by allowing exterior air, humidity, and unwanted noise into your home. Another problem is that it lowers indoor air quality by allowing dust, airborne pollutants, and carbon monoxide into your home. Properly diagnosing infiltration and air sealing your home is critical if you want to maximize your energy savings.

Area 3 - Insulation

Insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As part of this step we will determine if your home is properly insulated, if the insulation was installed correctly, and where we can add more insulation if needed. Because we have installed all of the retrofit and new construction insulation products available we can offer an unbiased evaluation and upgrade plan based on what's best for your home and budget.

Area 4 - Heating & Cooling

The forth area is to review how you are heating and cooling your home and what upgrade options exist to maximize your heating and cooling dollars. Heating systems that are over 15 years old tend to be very inefficient and may have inefficient delivering systems. As part of our audit we will go over these items with you, tell you how to maximize the efficiency of your current system, and review what heating and cooling upgrades exist.
To learn more about getting a Home Energy Audit call us at 334.502.8744.