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RESNET - The American Building Performance Rating System

What is RESNET?

  • An industry not-for-profit membership corporation 
  • A national standards making body for building energy efficiency rating systems

Who recognizes RESNET Standards?

  • Mortgage industry for capitalizing energy efficiency in mortgages 
  • Financial industry for certification of "white tags" 
  • Federal government for verification of building energy performance for: 
    • Federal tax credit qualification 
    • EPA ENERGY STAR labeled homes 
    • U.S. Department of Energy Building America program 
  • States for minimum code compliance in 16 states

What are the results of a rating?

  • A relative energy use index called the HERS® Index - a HERS Index of 100 represents the energy use of the "American Standard Building" and an Index of 0 (zero) indicates that the Proposed Building uses no net purchased energy (a Zero Energy Building) 
  • A set of rater recommendations for cost-effective improvements that can be achieved by the Rated Building

How is the HERS Index calculated?

  • Proposed (or As-built) Building and the Standard Building are modeled using accredited building simulation software tools and the results are ratioed (Proposed divided by Standard times 100) 
  • Software accreditation is achieved by passing a battery of software verification tests developed by U.S. National Laboratories and RESNET 
  • Software is required to automatically generate the Standard Building using only the input form the Proposed Building (i.e. software users have no control over the configuration and modeling of the Standard Building) 
  • Configuration and modeling parameters for the Standard Building are carefully and completely specified as a modeling "rule set."

How are RESNET Standards developed?

  • RESNET accepts proposals for new or revised Standards provisions from any interested party 
  • Proposed Standard provisions are reviewed by appropriate RESNET's Standing Committee with recommendations to RESNET Board of Directors to accept, accept with modification or deny 
  • Proposed standards provisions are posted to RESNET web site for public comment for a minimum of 30 days
  • Public comment reconciled by appropriate RESNET Standing Committee with recommendation to Board of Directors 
  • Board of Directors votes on recommendations of Standing Committee 
  • Proposed Standards provisions put before the RESNET Standards revision committee for approval or denial.

How are Raters Certified?

  • Knowledge base and skill sets defined by RESNET Standards 
  • Training Providers are accredited by RESNET 
    • Curricula approval 
    • Instructors certified by RESNET (must pass examination) 
  • Rater candidates must pass national online test 
  • Rater candidates must perform 5 ratings under the supervision of certified rater 
  • Rater may then be certified by RESNET accredited Rating Provider

How does RESNET provide for quality assurance within the Rating industry?

  • Each Rating Provider must employ a certified Quality Assurance Designee 
  • Quality Assurance Designee must independently verify internal consistency of a minimum 10% of all building input files 
  • Quality Assurance Designee must independently field verify the accuracy of a minimum of 1% of each certified Rater's homes 
  • RESNET monitors the Rating Providers compliance with quality assurance requirements