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I can’t say enough about the patience and professionalism of Dale Looney. He took numerous calls from both of us answering our questions and helping us make the decision without pressuring us in any way. This is one of those investments that a homeowner chooses to make, but not having to deal with a high sales pitch. The product speaks for itself. 

-Carol Andrews (Read Full Testimonial)

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Below are comments from real customers about using Airtight Insulation...

We wanted to say thank you and give a word of praise where it's due. We are very pleased with the AirTight Spray Foam and its quick and easy installation. My husband is in the building business, but when its your own home being built things become a lot more hectic and chaotic. Your employees were so professional and helpful. It made it a pleasure to work with them. We will be spreading the word to other builders, homeowners, and friends about your quality of work as well as quality of employees, especially Lonnie. He went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied and answered all of our questions.

Thanks Again,
Fred and Tina Fresbie

Fred and Tina
AirTight of Low Country
Charleston, SC

We want to express our appreciation for sending Ed Harrell to our home. His professionalism is of the highest standard. He and his crew did an awesome job! He is definitely an asset to your organization! Joe and Debbie Knowles

Joe and Debbie
AirTight of Rome
Clarksville, TN

I've worked on many jobs with AirTight Insulation in the past and have referred them to customers many times for insulating their new homes with SprayFoam insulation. I even have it in my personal home. It reduces the heating and air conditioning costs tremendously. Together AirTight Insulation and an energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system - gives you a good, energy-efficient home.


Mike Vickers
Vickers Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc
Atlanta, GA

We wish to express our delight with the results of using your SprayFoam insulation in our new home. It represents one of the best investments we've made in this house. It provides our home with efficiency, comfort, and quiet enjoyment. A representation of its quality is our average monthly power bill (i.e., gas and electric) of $173.00 year round for our 4200 square foot home housing a minimum of 3 people. In addition to your product being outstanding, your responsiveness, dependability, and professional attitude is remarkable. Feel free to use us as a reference for people who are interested in your product and services.

Drs. Stewart and Wanda Abel

Drs. Stewart & Wanda Abel
Atlanta, GA

I built my family a new home last year and I chose SprayFoam to insulate my exterior walls, slopes, knee walls, etc. I chose to insulate my attic with stabilized cellulose. We have enjoyed the most comfortable and cost-efficient home we have ever lived in. My monthly heating and cooling costs are at least 50% of our previous house. I strongly recommend the folks at AirTight for any insulation needs you may have, present or future.

Kenneth Carter

Kenneth Carter
Kencar Development
Alabaster, AL

"Spray polyurethane foam alone can provide an air and watertight barrier."
US Department of Commerce brochure, NISTIR4821

US Department of Commerce of Washington, DC

Dear Ted: I would like to take this time to tell you about my experience with Heath Watkins and Jim Watkins of AirTight Insulation. I knew from the start that getting the best insulation package in my house would be the most important part of building a house. When you can have a power bill that is affordable, it makes it very nice. AirTight Insulation gave me great ideas where I could save money in insulation and where I needed to spend money on insulation. Heath and Jim were very thorough as they insulated every hole, every crack, and even caulked every header above the doors and windows in the house. They also caulked every exterior wall at the floor to prevent air flow. The SprayFoam insulation is amazing in how it seals the house like a freezer and can give you an incredible R-value in a 2 x 4 exterior wall. You know, going the extra step to make the job the best it can be is what AirTight Insulation is all about.

Thanks AirTight,
Don Steward

Don Steward
Southside, AL

Spray polyurethane foam insulation can be applied to a home under construction and will not only insulate, but will also reduce air leakage in the building envelope." US Department of Energy Insulation Fact Sheet, August 1997

US Department
Washington, DC

I wanted to thank you for the service and quality provided by AirTight Insulation, Inc. Your company has always been quick to respond to our needs as well as those of our customer's and the quality of the work is excellent. I am especially excited about the SprayFoam product that you have introduced to us and installed on a few of our renovation projects. The performance of the product is especially incredible in bonus room situations where finished ceilings are adjacent to the roof. I believe anyone concerned about environment, energy efficiency or structural strength should give strong consideration to the SprayFoam product.

Thanks again for your service.

Kindest regards,
Tony Long

Tony Long
Stone Mountain Construction, Inc.
Stone Mountain, GA